Professional Hair Styling Products In Atlanta

At Salon Scenes Our Stylists Only Use The BEST Hair Products


Hydrate Me

Hydrate Me Please™ is an all-in-one therapeutic styling aid made to strengthen, grow, and to revitalize dull and lifeless hair. It penetrates deep not only through the scalp but also through each hair strand. Giving you the ultimate hydrating experience that last for days. Hydrate Me Please™ is made up of a smooth blend of Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel.



Wrapp-it shine foaming lotion is heat activated with conditioning thermal lubricant; which protects against hot curling and blowdrying and keeps hair and scalp from feeling dry. It leaves hair with a beautiful healthy sheer shine, and sexy, bouncy, body, too. Acheive absolutely no flaking or dulling white film.


K2 Beauty

Give your clients the red carpet treatment with the K2Beauty line of products! A line of professional salon products designed to nourish and repair while also preparing it for great style. With a full range of formulas suitable for all types of hair. "Style and Healthy hair should coexist." Kim Kimble


Design Essentials

Home maintenance is the foundation of healthy hair. Your professional stylist’s Design Essentials Prescriptions combined with regular salon visits are designed to improve the look and feel of hair, making it soft, manageable and full of body. Healthy, beautiful hair begins in the salon and carries over into the home. With proper maintenance there is no end to beautiful hair. Design Essentials® is Your Partner In Style. 



Some say the secret to a happy relationship is separate bathrooms, but those people have never tried Poo~Pourri, the classy, sassy, ultra effective way to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it. Our award winning before-you-go toilet sprays come in several different sizes and scents. Go ahead…join thousands of happy customers who’ve tried Poo~Pourri for fun and keep using it because it really works!

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